Aug. 20th, 2012

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I looked through a few journals from when I was younger today. They made me laugh. Is that how this current journal is going to look to future me? I hope so. I take myself seriously now, but if it makes me laugh when I'm twenty or thirty, that's totally cool.

A gem:

"Oh, by the way, my two goals are: Ultimate power... and true love."

You go, little me. If I were to simplify things, those are probably still my two goals. Both impossible. :D

I spent most of the day doing summer reading. I finished Mississippi, and got about forty pages into Heir to the Glimmering World. What a pretentious title. It's also from 2004. I thought it was older.

After I finished reading, I did nothing, and it was awesome. I'm not sure whether I want to rewrite a terrible story I found from third grade (about a girl named Isabel who could speak to cats and a witch named Kathleen) or do more of my Sableye solo run of Emerald. Or watch more Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt! I'm indecisive. I'd like to do all three, but it's already ten, so I don't think I have time if I want to get back into a school schedule.


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